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The award-winning REAL Weight Loss + Wellness Center in Atlanta, Georgia, was originally founded in 2015 by Dr. Jada Moore-Ruffin to provide a holistic approach to health care. Today, our center’s primary focus has evolved into addressing the silent, yet devastating, epidemic of obesity that affects nearly 50% of adults in the U.S. We’ve helped our clients lose over 200,000 pounds.

REAL stands for “Renew–Empower–Achieve–Live” because we treat the whole person to help you create all aspects of a healthy life: body, mind and soul. 

  • Personalized medical, physiological and scientific approach
  • Non-surgical weight loss with better than surgery results
  • Extensive data, diagnostic testing and other assessments
  • Highly-trained medical specialists directly provide care
  • We help Teens 13+, Adults, Men, and Women of all ages
  • Ongoing maintenance support after weight loss
  • No One-Size-Fits-All here

Isn’t it time to take charge of your health?

The REAL CEO and Founder's Message

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Jada Moore-Ruffin, MD, FAAFP, ABOM-BC

After 20 years as a Primary Care Physician, I saw too often that many of the issues faced by my patients were preventable. That sparked my second specialty in bariatric medicine, my focus on metabolism and hormone therapies, and the holistic approach. Now that nearly half of Americans are not just overweight, but obese, a concentration on weight management is my core strategy for getting to the root of other health issues that my patients face. Recognizing that the psychological effects of stress, shame, guilt and judgment around obesity were just as significant as food and exercise, I also became a certified Abundant Life Path Coach, so I could help more people regain control of their lives and guide them to success on every level. My passion is helping women (and men, too) to look better, feel healthy and live their best lives possible!

I enjoy the balance in my life with my husband and our 3 young adult children.  Hiking, nature walks, cooking, laughing and connecting with fun people are some of my favorite past-times. At any time you might find me playing on the Atlanta beltline.

Our Story

At REAL, we understand that the outdated approach to “eat less and exercise more” doesn’t work for everyone. Weight challenges can be complex and caused by a wide range of factors. At REAL, our center’s primary focus has evolved to creating realistic solutions to weight loss struggles faced by more than 1 out of 3 adults.


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