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Teens are not little kids anymore and they’re not adults either. 

This in-between stage can be really difficult years in so many ways. Physical changes are one thing, but it is critical to factor in psychological, social and emotional development as well.  We get them. We got this!

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REAL Services For Teens

Medical Weight Loss Solutions

Parents, has your doctor told you that your child needs to lose weight to be healthier? Are you a teen struggling with your weight? Do you want to get rid of unwanted belly fat? Has your weight caused you to worry about finding friends? Are you being teased? Do you feel like your not happy with your body? 

Do you avoid going places or doing things because you feel self-conscious about your weight? If any of these are a yes, you may benefit from working with us. Don’t struggle with your weight and your wellbeing. We can help. We know you want to look and feel great too. That’s why we’ve designed medical weight loss plans with you in mind. All of these personalized programs are safe and successful for teens. We do the right tests, then develop a plan of simple, easy to follow strategies that work fast and last long term.

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Nutrition Education

Where do adults learn nutrition habits? From their childhood experiences in the home with parents or other caregivers. Very often they learned the same way. So often, we see adults and therefore teens, who never learned basic nutrition principles- not even from school. 

So, now they have only bad habits, not a clue about good choices. Unfortunately, the schools are not very successful at teaching this either and often snacks and skipping meals take the place of not so tasty school food. At REAL we want to change that. We want every person to learn all about food, nutrition, healthy choices and how to actually use food the way it should be used – To Fuel Your Body.  You will learn from the very first session how food works. Yes, food and eating strategies are very important for a healthy, growing body. We make nutrition education fun and simple.

Teen Fitness Programs

Fitness Programs

Are you ready to start getting more physically active but don’t know where to start? Start with a REAL fitness assessment. We evaluate your current fitness level and develop a fitness plan to gradually get you to your fitness goals. 

During our assessment we also look for areas where you may have had previous injuries or may be injury prone or accident prone. And yes, we determine areas that you would like to focus on so you are moving with direction and purpose. Teens may not feel quite ready to exercise with adults or around their peers. We can create a personalized plan that meets you where you are and works with you 1:1, either in person or virtually, to get to where you want to be in a safe, comfortable and fun way.

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Preventive Health Screenings

While most kids have lots of pediatric doctor visits, many teens do not. And even if they do, many teens don’t discuss their weight with their doctor. We want to help with the wellness screenings that may not be done in a traditional pediatric setting. 

We do special screenings to help better understand and predict which healthy practices will be most helpful now and over a lifetime. And the good news is, you still get to keep your regular doctor and all of your usual care is done by them. Think of us as your weight loss and wellness specialist.

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Diagnostic Testing

We know how frustrating it can be to feel like something isn’t quite right, yet, you’re told nothing is wrong. We do special tests that may not be done in traditional offices to sort through a variety of symptoms to get to the root of the problem. 

From there we can create the best plan of care.  We do blood tests, saliva tests, food allergy and sensitivity tests, gut health tests and even non medical tests to evaluate psychological and emotional assessments to help get your teens health and life back on track.

Hormone Teens

Hormone Management

Some teens have trouble with hormones and these may cause conditions that result in excessive weight gain, abnormal menstrual cycles, unusual or excessive hair growth patterns, males with fatty breast tissue or abnormal sized genitalia. These can be signs of underlying medical conditions that are often overlooked, misdiagnosed or misunderstood.  

We aim to do a thorough check off to make sure there aren’t treatable conditions that are missed. We want to make sure your teen is able to grow and thrive while feeling confident and happy.

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Behavior Modification Support

If your teen needs help understanding how to coordinate a healthy lifestyle and still fit in with their peers, we can help. Being a teen with healthy goals can be hard sometimes when others around them may not have the same goals. We understand how important and influential the teen social environment can be. We help teens with strategies to enjoy both a healthy lifestyle and their friends and family. 

Teen Supplement Consultations

Supplement Consultations

The needs of the growing teen body can be the most selective time of growth since being a newborn.  It’s important that teens have the right nutrients, vitamins and amino acids to support their growing body.  Winging it or guessing on the vitamin aisle or online can be time consuming and still you may not be getting what is needed.  

The quality of products on the shelf vary greatly, so it’s better to speak with a professional who is skilled in that area to help determine what supplements will help.  From mood, appetite, energy, sleep, bowel patterns and more, supplements can be very helpful with regulating key body functions. Let us design an easy to follow regimen of the high quality brands we trust.

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Life Coaching and Personal Development

Every stage of life brings new opportunities and new challenges. Teenage years are especially full of ups and downs transitioning between being a kid and becoming a young adult. Self-doubt, uncertainty about the future, anxiety and frustration that turns into negative self-talk and chronic complaining. 

On the other hand, have you ever felt like it would be great to have someone to help you figure some things out throughout your life path to happiness, success and fulfillment? A professional life coach may be just the right move for your teen. Unlike a therapist or counselor, a life coach may provide the insight, support and strategies to help them reach a specific end game. And, no, you’re not crazy and your teen is probably experiencing very normal life changes. For certain, you’re not alone. Millions of people use coaches in all areas of professional and personal pursuits. There’s no reason why we have to wait until they feel like struggling adults to get support. Think of a life coach as a non biased, trained and experienced source of guidance to help bring clarity to accelerate your teen’s progress.

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